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Tanya BurchTanya Burch
Jamie’s passion to help others invest in property is remarkable. He is very practical, kind and extremely helpful. Having left his corporate job to become a full time property investor, Jamie doesn’t just talk the talk, but he also walks the walk. He is a pleasure to deal with
Tristan BrayTristan Bray
I have worked with Jamie for over two years and have always been impressed with his professionalism, intelligence and passion
Ged MorrisGed Morris
I have spoken to Jamie on a number of occasions about property investing and the difficulty in taking action when trying a new investing strategy...He always managed to get to the root of the difficulty, simplify it, and suggest how to move forward and keep motivated...!
Gary Janet WebbGary Janet Webb
We found Jamie very approachable, of high integrity and most of all knowledgeable about the great returns that property can offer
Conrad WoodeConrad Woode
You have a wealth of knowledge and I enjoyed being mentored by you. Thanks - your advice is much appreciated
Mark BowenMark Bowen
Superb day had training with Julian. I would advise anyone wanting to stand out in property to listen to Julian Maurice


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